About us

We're a team that prides ourselves in our workmanship and customer service

We’ve been operating in Brisbane for over 40 years and still have some of our existing team working for us to deliver the exceptional service and craftmanship that keeps our customers coming back.

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Our Story

At Cooler we Build, Service and Repair Specialist Vehicles and Refrigerated Transport Solutions throughout Brisbane and surrounding regions, to ensure our clients receive the correct asset for their task. With over 40 years experience from our ICEHAWK and BajAIR heritage, we make a robust product, built to endure and last.We primarily serve the cold chain, food logistics industry and Engineer bespoke solutions for any transport challenge. We are modernising our capabilities whilst maintaining our core values of exceptional product and exceptional service.

Working with you to create the solution that works for you

Tailored solutions

Performance assets

We support our clients by guiding them towards the right asset for their task.
A vehicle is the backbone of any logistics operation; having the right tool for the job is paramount. The right configuration will lead to a more efficient and effective solution to your logistical challenges.

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We take pride in offering cool and unique refrigerated transport solutions. Our team is widely known for crafting robust and long-lasting solutions that will cater to all your transportation needs.